Metasearch Integration
By using tripla Hotel Booking, integration with a variety of metasearch engines will be possible
Display your hotel official rates

It allows to display the hotel official rates by integrating with metasearch engines like Google or Tripadvisor.

Improve your conversion rate

The metasearch engines integrated with our tripla Hotel Booking engine will help you to improve your conversion rate.

Reduce your OTA commissions

By using metasearch engines, hotel brands can shift bookings from OTAs to their own website and reduce their commissions.

Implementation and operation support

tripla supports everything from implementation to operation, and you could have a holistic view of the datas to evaluate the cost-effectiveness.

Display your hotel official rates on Google Hotel Ads/Tripadvisor

By using tripla Hotel Booking, integration with many metasearch engines will be possible. Google Hotel Ads and Tripadvisor are available now. We are planning to collaborate with more metasearch platforms in the future.

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Almost covering the Japanese market with the 5 largest companies

85% of the metasearch traffic is processed by Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak and more recently, Bing. We can cover most of the market by adding 2 regional platforms that are unique to Japan (data reference).

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Overview of guest acquisition via hotel metasearch engines


Although it is data from Europe and America, the cooperation with metasearch engines is indispensable to drive more traffic to your official website (data reference).


Metasearch engines are used by around 45% of global unique visitors.


Around 72% of travelers use metasearch engines before booking a trip.


Around 39% of millennials use metasearch to compare hotel rates.

US 63% Europe 58%

About 63% of hotels in the US and 58% in Europe have been booked through metasearch platforms.


In the US, metasearch leads 13% of online accommodation sales.


Around 25% of the accommodation facilities in Europe and America are considering the metasearch as a tool to reduce their dependence on OTAs.

Direct booking acquisition via booking engine integrated with metasearch platform

For example, if the commission rate paid to the OTA is 15%, the OTA will share a portion of this percentage to the metasearch platform. By integrating your hotel directly with the metasearch platform, the costs will be paid directly and can thus be reduced. Metasearch rates are different for each platform.


Metasearch Integration Pricing


Additional advertising costs will be charged.

Pricing Structure - Monthly fee/Facility (Tax excluded) 0 JPY 5,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Google Hotel Ads free placement
Google Hotel Ads CPC application
All metasearch platform service (currently, only Tripadvisor is available, but the rate will not change even if other metasearch is added)
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