tripla Service Level Objective(服務目標)



We have set the following service levels as goals and are operating them so that our customers can comfortably use them.



We make every effort to reach the target, but it may be below the target value.



Third party certification 第三方認證

We have obtained privacy mark certification for privacy information management.



Service utilization rate 服務佔據率

We will operate with a target of 99.99%. (Excluding planned maintenance)



Vulnerability response 關於系統脆弱性的應對方式

Vulnerability testing is conducted on a regular basis. 定期測試系統的脆弱性。


Service provision time 服務時間

24 hours a day, 365 days a year (excluding planned outages such as regular maintenance)



Planned outage 停止計畫

Regular maintenance will be carried out on the first Sunday of every month between 1 am and 7 am (JST). The service may be temporarily unavailable during regular maintenance. Regular maintenance may not be carried out, so if you do, you will be notified on the top page after logging in one week in advance.



Redundancy 資訊冗餘化

Redundancy is implemented for all servers, networks, storage, and data.



Response in case of failure 出現系統錯誤時的對應

We constantly monitor the system for failure notifications and respond according to the operation manual when a failure occurs. 隨時監控系統是否出現問題並有完整的應對手冊


Data center location 數據中心所在地

It operates in a data center in the AWS Tokyo region.



Backup 資料備份

We make non-disruptive backups of your data every day.



Erase data 刪除數據

The input data, user information, and audit log will be deleted 30 days after the end of the service contract. The backup data will be completely erased in about 2 weeks after each data is erased.

解約後的隔日開始算, 30日天後會將過往輸入過的數據, 顧客資訊及監察紀錄刪除。備份資料則會在刪除數據後的2週後完全刪除。

However, if you cancel some of the multiple services under contract, only the input data of the service to be canceled will be deleted.

但若是只想解約部分服務項目時, 、僅會將解約部分的數據刪除。


Treatment of administrator 關於管理者

In line with the management system stipulated in our information security policy

We limit the administrators who can access the data.



Support time 提供協助時段

Mon-Fri 10 am-12am / 1pm-5:30pm

(Japan time: excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

週一~週五 早上10時~中午12點 / 下午1點~下午5點30分


Support tools 提供協助方式

Phone, email, and chat