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Our Key Features

In-House Developed AI


Providing cutting edge technology to customers. AI machine learning that supports multiple languages.


FAQ Preparation


tripla prepares for FAQ to initial set up and ongoing machine learning maintenance. Easy to start!

Operator Support


If our AI is unable to reply, the customer inquiry can be passed to either your own operators, or to our specialized tripla operators.


Multi Language


We currently support five languages: Japanese, English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese and Korean.

Ready to use pre-trained templates


Create your chatbot with one of the pre-trained templates, which comes with the most common FAQs asked about by our thousands of users, so you can jump in and start testing our service with as little hassle as possible.

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Tailor your conversation with our custom bots


Use our custom bot feature to create your own highly customized user flow, from collecting user feedback, to making reservations and sending notifications to external services like Slack. The possibilities are limitless!


Why choose tripla chatbot?

  • High quality AI with in-house AI training.
  • Access to multilingual operators for full service paid customer.
  • Analytics of customers behaviour; being able to see data by language, time of day, which page the chatbot was accessed, and which FAQs are often triggered, enables you to use it as a reference point.

What are the challenges faced before introducing the tripla chatbot?

  • Aiming to improve customer convenience, reduce operations cost, and unify response accuracy.
  • Staff shortage; with AI Chatbot, you are able to automatically respond to inquiries from customers in multiple languages.

How does tripla chatbot reduce customer service support cost with an AI chatbot?

  • tripla AI chatbot contributes to the reduction of email and phone call inquiries count from customers.
  • Email has been reduced by about 60% and phone calls by 40%.
  • Total inquiries have been up by 20% because it’s easy for customers to ask via chatbot. tripla AI chatbot contributes to customer satisfaction enhancement.

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Free 14-day trial No credit card required